Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sausage Roll

1 roll of sausage (regular)
2 pkgs. of crescent rolls
1/4 c. of chopped celery
1/4 c. of chopped onion
1/4 c. of chopped green pepper
5 pieces of sliced American cheese

* Preheat your oven to the setting to cook the crescent rolls. Chop up all of the vegetables and saute in a pan. Add your roll of sausage to the pan with the vegetables and cook until the sausage is done. Add the cheese to the sausage ( I usually tear it into little pieces) and mix until the cheese is melted. Spray a cookie sheet with Pam and lay out the crescent rolls; one package for each side of the cookie sheet and make sure that you smooth out the preforated edges. Pour the sausage and smooth it out; then fold the edges over the top. Cook for the same amount of time on the package of crescent rolls (16 - 18 min.).

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